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What Is The Function Of Melatonin

The chemical N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine or mostly known as melatonin is a naturally compound that you will find occurring in plants, microbes, and animals. The circulating levels of melatonin in animals will vary in daily cycle which will regulate the circadian rhythms of most biological functions.

The hormone melatonin in each organism has different levels based on the light shelf and level cycle of the body. The hormone melatonin is produced by the pineal gland. It is really important for you to know when is the right time for you to sleep and wake up. You should also keep the rhythm of your heart.

This hormone will even support the metabolism and hormone tissues in the body that are constantly changing together with mental activity, physical activity, and stress. There are indeed researchers that have proven that this hormone can reduce stress and fix mood. Melatonin will also affect the psychological mood of a person positively. You should know that if you have less melatonin, you will be angry, worried, and tired most of the time.

The production of melatonin in your body will also be affected by light. This hormone is usually produced in the darkness and it will usually tell you to sleep. 5-25 micrograms of melatonin is produced every night by the body of adults and teenagers. And this rate will decline as their age will increase. That is why there are a lot of people that are experiencing sleeping disorders.

It is no longer hard for you to get melatonin because there are now large production of melatonin supplements in the market. There are a lot of food that can provide you with melatonin such as cherry, yogurt, almond, oat, sunflower bean, banana, tomato, and ginger. This hormone is safe to consume thanks to these natural substances.

Melatonin supplements are usually used to reduce jet lag and cope with insomnia. So many people are actually using america suplementos for their sleeping disorders.

You should also know that anti-aging is also associated with this hormone. This can be proven by a lot of researchers. There are also some researchers that have discovered that melatonin can prevent heart disease, decline of the brain function, and cancer. The immunity of the body can also be improved by melatonin.

But you should take note that if there is no control of the doctor, women who have a dummy therapy of estrogen must never consume melatonin supplement. This is also important to take note with pregnant women. Women who plan a pregnancy are also suggested not to consume this supplement. Learn more details about the importance of supplements, go to

There is a research on animals which shows that melatonin will increase the blood pressure because it will tighten the blood vessel. So it is important for people who have cardiovascular disturbance or hypertension to consult their doctors first before they decide to consume melatonin supplement. You can check out América Vitaminas for more info about melatonin supplements, shop now at

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